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evolve your business 

Our innovative web-based Apprenticeship Platform allow businesses to qualify for Apprenticeship Tax credits and enjoy the benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship program, all without incurring the formation and operational costs.


"We Handle The Training, You Handle Your Business"

Why  Apprenticeships Are Good For Business?

Apprenticeship Tax Credits  

Businesses that provide their employees access to our web-based  apprenticeship courses, are eligible to receive a $ 1000 tax credit per employee per year, for 4 years.


All businesses must train their employees, so why not have a training program that literally pays for itself?

Increased Workforce Productivity

Employees gain an enhanced understanding of the "Why" aspect of all areas of their duties.

The knowledge gained from job-related educational training improves the personal and professional confidence of employees, and increases work productivity. "

A smarter employee is simply good for business"

Reduce Employee Turnover

Companies that provide employees the opportunities for professional development, enjoy the benefits of an employee that values their contributions to their employer and co-workers.

This leads to a higher quality work environment that employees enjoy being part of.

Customized Job-Related Training

Apprenticeships are tailored for an employer's workforce. A business has many moving parts, multiple of employees doing various task.

Many of those tasks can be enhanced by training that makes the performance of those tasks more efficient and systematized.  

Get Started Today

Employers simply select an apprenticeship  module and course that is suitable for their business operation and complete the Employer Enrollment Agreement.


AimHigh Apprenticeship for Disabilities

I thank God for AimHigh Education  giving me the opportunity to work and learn skills. If I wasn't in this program, I would be at home on the couch, doing nothing, and playing video games.

—  William Smith , Apprentice

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