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AimHigh Education Technologies, a National Apprenticeship Intermediary and Training Provider registered with the United States Department of Labor. 

Developers of the HR Apprenticeship Platform, a recruiting and training engagement platform that eliminates direct hiring costs and enhances employee training using virtual reality technology and situational awareness based training. 

The Smartest Way to Hire

HR Apprenticeship Platform

HR Apprenticeship provide employers with on-demand access to a talent recruitment pipeline of pre-screened candidates that's engaged in career learning on the HR Apprenticeship Platform. The HR Apprenticeship enhances employee competency and minimize employee retention. Once hired, employee apprentices continue learning the "Why" aspect of their job duties and technical instructions for an industry related certification. Employers benefit from improved worker productivity, and tax savings from Apprenticeship Tax Credits.


 While employees are working daily and performing job-related tasks, they're gaining on-the-job training. The On-the-job training component paired with job-related training on the HR Apprenticeship Platform , creates a dynamic and immersive learning experience that enhance employee productivity and job-skills competency. 

Apprenticeship Tax Credits

Employers receive annual apprenticeship tax credits per employee enrolled onto the HR Apprenticeship Platform.

Employees achieve an U.S Department of Labor certification and gain a deeper understanding  from learning the "Why" and "How" to efficiently perform their duties. Resulting in a professionally more competent and  confident employee with increased productivity.  

A Growth Mindset for the Workplace

Accessible and convenient mobile platform that promotes "situational awareness" employee training, anywhere and anytime.  

Enhances employee engagement with co-workers and customers.

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Food Service

Industries:Restaurants, Grocery and Convenience Stores


Industries: Janitorial, Building Code Enforcement, HVAC,  Landscaping,and more


Industries:Hotels, Resorts & Bed & Breakfast


Industries: Golf Courses,Athletic Fields, Farms and Nurseries

Health / Fitness

Industries: Fitness Health Clubs, Sports

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United States Department of Labor
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AimHigh Education Technologies, develops Accredited Apprenticeship eLearning courses powered by virtual reality technology and situational awareness based learning experiences that increases productivity, enhances  employee competency and profitability with Apprenticeship Tax Credits per employee.  

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