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Optimize Workforce Training & Recruitment with VR Apprenticeship


AimHigh Education Technologies, Apprenticeship Administrators and Training Provider

As Apprenticeship Administrators, we develop and manage Curriculum Standards, and Related Technical Instruction (RTI) components of Apprenticeship Workforce programs for Industry Employers and Associations. Our interactive web-based Apprenticeship Learning Management System (LMS), VR Apprenticeship enhances apprenticeship training and skill-based learning using virtual reality and simulated technologies. 

Democratizing Accessibility to  Apprenticeship Workforce Training

AimHIgh Education Technologies's Virtual Apprentice platom
VR Apprenticeship

VR Apprenticeships provide employers with on-demand access to pre-screened candidates that's engaged in skill-based certification training that's tailored for an employer's specific workforce. VR Apprenticeship enhances employee competency and minimize employee retention. Once hired, employee apprentices continue learning the "Why" aspect of their job duties and related technical instructions for Industry Certification.

AimHigh Education On-the Job Training

 While employees are working daily and performing job-related tasks, they're essentially gaining on-the-job training experiences. The On-the-job training component paired with job-related technical instructions on the VR Apprenticeship Platform , creates a dynamic and immersive learning experience that  enhance employee productivity and build job-skills competency. 

Online U.S Department of Labor Apprentice Certificaton
Industry Certifications

Employee Apprentice earn an Industry Certification in their respective career field during their apprenticeship training period and a U.S Department of Labor journeyman certification after successfully completing their apprenticeship. 

A Growth Mindset for the Workforce