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HVAC Technician

This course provide employee apprentices an immersive experience in learning manufacturing processes of Heating & Cooling equipment, principles of thermodynamics, and  mechanical functions of Heating & Cooling equipment. Employee-Apprentice utilizes Virtual Reality technology to troubleshoot and diagnosis mechanical equipment components. 

ICC International Residential Code Inspection 

Learn the essentials of evaluating single/mutli-family residential structures for structural integrity and conformance of adopted building codes. An immersive and comprehensive training experience for an entry level position in Building and Planning of the construction industry. Learners earn an International Residential Building Code Inspector Certification. Serious training for enhancing job-skill competency and professional development.

Certified Custodial Technician 

Employee-Apprentice learn the chemical hazards found in various chemical cleaning agents and proper procedures in mitigating bio-hazards during remedial cleaning processes. A comprehensive training program for professional entry into the commercial and industrial janitorial industry. Upon successful completion employee-apprentice earn a Custodial Technician Certification.

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