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Soil Maintenance Technician

 Soil Maintenance Technician course prepare employees to properly maintain soil conditions for various species of plant life. An excellent course that builds professional competency for individuals working in the Grounds Management industry. Course objectives:

  • Learn the effects of solar radiation and how climate conditions impact on plant life .

  • Understand the physical chemical processes in soil recovery.

  • Learn soil treatment methodologies

Turf Equipment Technician

Turf Equipment Technician course is designed for an entry level position as a Grounds / Turf equipment technician. Course enhances professional development for anyone with maintenance responsibilities of turf equipment and machinery. Curriculum consist of:

  • Troubleshooting of electronic and hydraulic systems 

  • Understanding spray systems and settings

  • Identifying equipment stress conditions 

  • Scheduling manufacturers preventive maintenance inspections

  • Testing of electronic controllers


Grounds Management Technician

GMT provide a rigorous and in-depth immersion of basic grounds maintenance and management. For individuals passionate about professional development and career advancement. A career builder course that position the learner for a long-term career in Grounds Management. Course covers:

  • Green waste management recycling

  • Slope and levee management

  • Display bed maintenance

  • Turf renovations,consisting of de-thatching,aeration, and seeding

  • Tree and shrub care

  • Turf nutrition, disease, insect and weed management

  • Specialized and seasonal ground displays

Pesticide Applicator 

P.A.T provide an in-depth training for understanding of regulations and pesticide application practices for commercial growers. Prepares individuals for a successful EPA examination for certification as Certified Operator or Private Applicator. Course covers:

  • EPA Guidance and Regulations

  • Safety Hazards

  • Transporting and Handling

  • Environmental factors

  • Turf nutrition, disease, insect and weed management

Certified Irrigation Technician

Course module covers water management and principles of water pressure safety. Great for entry level positions who install, maintain and repair irrigation systems.  

Course objectives:

  • Troubleshooting and testing irrigation components and systems.

  • Learn the limitations of different piping systems and understand basic hydraulics.

  • Layout and design water delivery components

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