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Certified HVAC Technician 

The HVAC industry is considered a nationally in-demand industry, with annual labor shortages for entry-level certified HVAC technicians. HVAC technicians are essential for servicing and installing mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment in homes, hotels, office building, schools, hospitals, and practically every building that has a climate control air space. The skills learned in the HVAC Technician course provide an immersive  learning experience to perform tasks that include but not limited to:

  • Handling and storing refrigerants.

  • Troubleshooting residential and commercial HVAC equipment.

  • Transporting refrigerant cylinders.

  • Professionally managing customer concerns.

  • Properly servicing hvac equipment.

  • Installation of residential and commercial HVAC equipment.


Prepare for a financially rewarding career as an HVAC technician, or expand into starting a HVAC business, after earning the nationally recognize certifications HVAC EPA 608 Universal and NATE HVAC Technician Support. Course is 100% online and include examination placement upon course completion.

Certified International Residential Building Code Inspector (ICC) 

Learn the essentials of evaluating single/mutli-family residential structures for structural integrity and conformance of adopted building codes. An immersive and comprehensive training course for an entry level position in Building and Planning of the construction industry. Learners earn an International Residential Building Code Inspector Certification. Serious training for enhancing job-skill competency and professional development.

Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Skills developed through medical billing & coding certification course are essential to physicians offices, hospitals, home healthcare agencies, nursing homes, dental offices, mental health facilities, and insurance companies. This rewarding field requires professionalism and dependability. Tasks inlude but not limited to:

  • Submitting medical claims for insurance reimbursement

  • Assigning medical codes for diagnosis and procedures.

  • Managing billing process.

  • Overseeing healthcare providers to ensure optimal reimbursement.

  • Monitor fraud/abuse by auditing billing.

  • Managing patient information intake/release.


Start a rewarding career as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist. Upon successful completion of course and examination, become nationally certified with CBSC certification. Course is 100% online and include examination placement for professional certification upon course completion.

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Medical Administrative Assistant
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)

Medical administrative assistants are essential in managing healthcare offices and also play an important part in managing the patient experience. Tasks varies but may include:

  • Greeting patients and updating medical records

  • Managing operation reports such as time and attendance.

  • Operating medical software and equipment.

  • Managing practice correspondence.

  • Answering calls and scheduling appointments.


Prepare for professional entry into the healthcare field of Medical Administrative Assistant, and successfully pass examination for the CMAA certification. Certification course is 100% online and include examination placement upon course completion.

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