At AimHigh Education Technologies, we are united in creating innovative workforce solutions that improves employee productivity and increases employer's profitability.


Our view of a strong workforce, starts with the focus on increasing employee productivity.

                                                                                            - Jim Robinson ,CEO

Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success. 

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 Dedicated to the advancement and development of innovative educational technologies and workforce programs that strengthens America's workforce systems. Create and promote workforce solutions that remove traditional barriers to transitional employment into the workforce. Build relationships with workforce participants that's united from the spirit of community and corporate advancement.

Our mission and purpose is to serve as a corporate contributor that creates value that enhances employment opportunities and strengthens the productivity of the American workforce.

Our creative process for developing educational technologies and workforce training programs always begin with us asking two simple questions. How can we have the greatest impact helping individuals gain sustainable employment?  and How can we help businesses grow and maximize profitability to drive employment? The answers has always guided us to innovative solutions that inspired us to create value for the workforce.

-  Jim Robinson CEO / FOUNDER


AimHigh Education Technologies, develops web-based simulated vocational training courses aligned to industry certifications. VR Apprentice is an Apprenticeship Management platform , powered by virtual reality technology and interactive e-courses that supports situational awareness based learning experiences, enhances employee competency and increase employer profitability.  

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